Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Visit from Rose

I saw Rose Wallace at church on Sunday 10 March and she said, "I will come and see you at the office on Tuesday."  True to her word, she came and she had her darling little boy, Jeffrey Moroni Wallace, with her.  This little boy was named after Elder Holland.  Notice how beautiful his mother is, too!  She has such beautiful braids woven into her hair. 

Jeffrey Moroni Wallace 3 months

Rose is the Primary President in the Freetown Ward and her husband, Markus, is the bishop. Rose is also the self-appointed Primary Music Leader because she understands how important Primary music is.  I spoke to her about how things are going and she said it is still challenging because her counselors are not consistent about coming.  She said she and Markus have done a lot of visiting members in their ward to encourage them to come to church and they have had some success.  They have had some "neighborhood Family Home Evening lessons" and those have been well received, too.  Rose and Markus are "kingdom builders."
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