Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Helpers in the Mission

There are lots of assignments in a mission--some you would not expect.  Sister Roggia is always anxious to help our assistants, as they are her.  Elder Barth has some pliers keeping the hose on the water connection while Elder Appleby works to fill the jugs for our water cooler at the mission office.

Every apartment uses a three-stage filter (in this picture in the bottom right-hand corner) to make sure our water is safe.
Siaka helps with the maintenance of the grounds around the mission office.  He sweeps the whole compound with that broom in his hand.  He has planted a small garden on some vacant land behind the office.  There are many banana trees at the office and he makes sure to cut the bananas at just the right time.  We are so grateful for his help to make our mission office grounds beautiful.

Markus is the do-it-all man in our mission.  His official title is Mission Physical Facilities Supervisor (I think) but he does everything for us.  He runs errands, he looks for missionary apartments, he furnishes missionary apartments, he contracts for carpenters to make furniture, he delivers cooking gas to missionaries, he picks up people at the wharf who have come to Freetown, he pays bills, he monitors security, he drives guests all over the mission, he registers all our vehicles, he helps people get drivers licenses, he works with immigration on visas and residence permits, etc. etc.  His gentle optimistic spirit keeps things on an even keel in the office; he never seems stressed about anything.  Every mission president deserves a "Markus" in their mission.  We are so blessed to have him in our mission.

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  1. Can I send that sweet man a broom please? I can't believe he sweeps all over the mission home, outside with that thing. I love the updates on the blog!