Friday, February 1, 2013

New Mission Home

On Friday, 11 January 2013, we came to our office to discover a huge trackhoe there to begin the demolition of the building that has housed four sets of missionaries.  We have been anticipating this day for several months.  The missionaries had moved out a couple of months ago.  This is an exciting day because it is the beginning of a new mission home and senior couple apartments. It is ironic that all of this "groundbreaking" occurred just one day before the official groundbreaking.
It's always amazing in demolition how little time it takes to tear down something that must have taken so long to build. 
Nineteen days later all of the big beautiful trees that used to cover the area next to the mission office were down--the price of progress. 

The small front wall is the boundary of the driveway for the mission office.
Getting ready for a foundation.
There will be parking spaces in the area you can see here with senior apartments above them and the mission home above that.  Halfway back on the left is a "hole" where an elevator will be installed to get items and people up to the third floor, the mission home.

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