Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Return With Honor--April 2012

Our April 2012 batch of returning missionaries included some elders that we knew well. Elder Wood served in the office and was here when we arrived. He helped us "learn the ropes" of our callings and was a sure and steady influence on other missionaries. He took his responsibilities so seriously, especially when I would give him money to spend for the mission. He worked so hard to make sure he had no "pink paperclips" to signify that I was waiting for a receipt from him.

We knew Elder Ogama well in Kenya and we were so excited when we received our call, to remember that he was in this mission. We helped him prepare when we served there, and now we send him back with honor.
Elder Randall gives some last minute instructions about travel to the departing missionaries.

Elder Ditsi served as an office elder when we first arrived in Sierra Leone. He taught us so much and really helped Elder Randall stay on track with visa and resident permit renewals. We relied on him heavily while we learned our assignments. His last day in the mission he said, "Let's get a 'snap' together." And the three of us meant to do it, but it was a busy day for all of us. Here's a "snap" of him when Elder Holland was here.
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