Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Preparation Day--Easter Hike to Leicester Peak

On Monday, 2 April, we enjoyed a Super Preparation Day activity with the Freetown Zone. We met at the mission home and hiked up Leicester Peak. This picture is taken inside the mission compound and the peak is just behind the mission home towards the American Embassy.

These are happy missionaries on the way up Leicester Peak Road. We hike this road every morning for our morning walk. This day we stopped three different times to receive instruction from President Roggia about the events of the week of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The European Union Embassy is to our left. This is about halfway up the mountain. This is where we turn around for our morning walk.

These children were happy to greet us and have their picture taken.
Many families work on the rocks on the smaller mountains. They take boulders and pound them into small gravel-size rocks to be used in cinder block.
Elder Wood is from Parowan and served as President's Assistant. The mission home and our apartment is to the rear of this picture. Freetown is built on many hills.
How we love President and Sister Roggia!
These missionaries know how to get a "natural high." They can celebrate because they are good, obedient missionaries.
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  1. I loved P-days like this on the mission! You guys look great!