Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our "Fuzzy" Washer & "French" Dryer

These are pictures of our washer and dryer; not too exciting for a blog post, but our washer has a setting on it called "fuzzy" which, if selected will automatically figure out the size of load in the tub and choose the correct water level and other settings. Our washer is connected only to cold water, so if we want hot (or warm) we have to carry buckets of hot water from our shower out to the washing machine. When we're ambitions, we do it, when we're not, we don't.

Our dryer is a French dryer and we couldn't get it to dry with any heat for the first two times we used it, because Sister Randall couldn't remember her Jr. High French. We finally looked the words up online and found out the French words for Run, Stop, Hot and Cold. We put some labels on the dryer (oh yes, I brought my P-touch labeler to Kenya!) and now we know how to operate it.

The washer and dryer are in an outdoor laundry room right next to our apartment. It is covered and mostly enclosed, but it is surrounded with decorative brick that allows a breeze to blow through, so the four lines of clotheslines can be used to dry the clothes without anyone seeing. It's one of Sister Randall's favorite parts of the apartment. She will miss those clotheslines when she returns home. Her daughter Valerie says she is "June Cleaverish" for hanging her clothes on the clothesline. We've discovered that most things dry great on the line, but towels end up just like sandpaper. Needless to say, we dry them in our French dryer.


  1. They look pretty nice, glad you figured them out. I am sure it would have taken me a lot longer to figure them out for sure!

  2. So do a lot of people there speak french? Is that why the dryer is in french?

  3. I'm appreciating my washer and dryer even more now (even though they don't work great anymore!). Send some tips on line drying. I've been wanting to try it in the summer but am afraid of too much pollen getting in our clothes and giving me fits.