Saturday, February 13, 2010

African Children

On our drive home from Aberdare Park we saw these cute children and stopped to see if they would let us take their picture. We have learned the hard way to ask permission. The children don't seem to mind getting their pictures taken, but you definitely need to ask adults (not church members so much, just people in general). We learned from the other couples that it's handy to carry a bag of suckers in the car with us. They make a nice small gift for a child, a gas station attendant, a security guard who opens the gate for you, and others. If you look at the little boy in the last picture, you will see one of our suckers in his hand.

What I love about the African children is that they love to wave at us as we drive along in our truck. When we wave back, their faces brighten, they smile a big smile and they always look at their friends as if to say, "Look, I got them to wave to me." They are all so beautiful with shining smiles and they are one of my favorite things about Africa. I get so excited to wave to the children that I start waving at everyone, even the adults. The expressions on their face are usually one of puzzlement and hesitation, but many of them will also smile and wave at us.

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  1. What fun pictures mom. I can totally picture you waving to everyone there, with your big smile and excitement!