Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

This is the extent of our Valentines Day celebration. Scott bought me some flowers but they were the worst ones we've bought since we've been to Kenya. We've learned that communication can be an issue here. We stopped on a Thursday evening to get flowers and they looked pretty picked over. The flower salesman alongside the road said, "tomorrow," which we took to mean that he would have fresh flowers the next day. We said, "What time will you be here in the morning?" (because we wanted to get some before we went to the office for the day). He told us he would be there at 7:30. The next morning Scott was there at 7:30--no flower salesman. He asked about him and another salesman came running with some very old flowers. Scott bought the best they had and here is the result. The most loving thing we did for each other today was doing the dishes together in our color coordinated aprons and talking about previous Valentines gifts. It was still a very nice day.
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  1. What! I coulnd't believe my eyes when I saw your blog was updated!
    Happy Valentines Day! Unfortunately, Valentines is a bit forgotten at our house because of all the birthdays. We are decorating sugar cookies when Kate gets up from her nap. And maybe we will bundle up and take a walk because the sun is out today. Glad you had a fun day.

  2. yeah an update! Only took you close to a year! Just joking! Love the matching aprons!!!

  3. Sometimes the simplest Valentines are the best!! On Denis and I's first Valentines I was sick so he made me soup and we watched a movie together, but I loved it because it was just what I needed. You look happy and that's what matters! :)