Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pics from New Camera

This post was a good excuse to take a few pictures with our new camera. Our old Sony camera was stolen out of our employment office. I had taken a picture of a Career Workshop group taught by a trainer from the stake, Denis Mukasa. We print and laminate a picture of each workshop group. One of the members of the class followed me into the office to see if he could get a book so he could study to be a trainer. I must have set the camera on my desk and then I turned to see if I had a trainer manual for him in our cupboard. That was the last I saw my camera, but, unfortunately, we left in a hurry to go home right after that and I didn't notice it was missing for about a day and a half. There have been a rash of these kind of thefts lately among the couples and the employees at the center with phones and mobile phones being the most popular thing to steal. We bought a Sony Cybershot DSC W290 on eBay and our mission president's daughter brought it when she and her husband came to visit. While visiting the Andersons in Chyulu we discovered that their camera had been taken from their truck inside their gated compound with many, many of their mission pictures on it. We looked for another camera like ours on eBay, found one, bought it and then gave them our new one (I'd only taken about a dozen pictures.) Then we contacted the next couple coming to our mission, Elder John and Sister Roslyn Udall. Our daughter Michelle met them in Salt Lake City and sent our new camera with them. We are thrilled with it!

Here I am at my blogging post. Can you tell I am "repenting" and trying to make up for lost blogging time?

You might be tempted to think this blue apron is Scott's new mission uniform. (See the previous post). I can assure you it is not, but I wanted to post a few of the pictures with our new camera. First of all I wanted to document the "spaghetti disaster." The package was opened unbeknownst to my companion, when he reached for the rice. Secondly, I want you to see his latest culinary masterpiece. He has learned to make rice pudding while serving on this mission. He's also become the chief dishwasher. We have an unspoken agreement that if I cook, he will do the dishes. What a guy! How I love my companion!


  1. I love your smile, Dad, while you are making rice pudding. I'm not sure if I know how to do it on the stove, I do mine in the crockpot.
    Glad you are enjoying your new camera; we are enjoying the pictures.

  2. I love the spaghetti picture!! Dad what facial expressions you have on your mission. I love it!

  3. Mmmmmmm. Rice pudding! Christmas can't come back fast enough. I'm loving all the pictures and recent updates. Perhaps I could do a better job with my blog. :)

  4. We're excited to have you come home! Danny is excited to meet you! By the way, we have a new blog! Our address is Love the pictures!