Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Afternoon in Freetown

On Wednesday 14 December, we drove "downtown" in Freetown with our valuable mission employee, Markus, to get our drivers licenses. He had paved the way for us by turning in all the needed paperwork including copies of our passports, copies of our resident cards and copies of our U.S. drivers license. The actual time we spent at the drivers license bureau was only about 15 minutes, which amazed us, but it was because Markus took us directly to the woman who takes the pictures and processes the license. He has all of the right connections to get things done quickly. Unfortunately, there's nothing he can do about the traffic. We left the mission office at 1:30 and did not return until 4:30. We probably drove a distance of 4 miles total and it took us three hours to do that. There was a lot of time spent sitting in traffic, so I "snapped some snaps" as they say it here. Unfortunately, a "snap" cannot possibly capture how crowded it was, how close people were to our truck and how slowly things moved. We've not experienced this on either of our two previous missions.

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging! It's good to keep up with your doings! I'm so proud of you for driving. Hope everything goes well. I think you're the office couple?

    We miss you.