Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remember Who You Are

Lest we forget who we are, and forget who we represent, it is painted on the front of our truck. It is a constant reminder to watch what we say and do, especially when we are driving. (A challenge with motorcycles darting in and out and all sides of us!) We have had people see us pull up in our truck and say to us as we get out, "Oh, missionary."

Today was also my first day driving in Sierra Leone. I only took the opportunity to drive once while we were in Kenya and I regretted that decision, so I promised myself I would drive on the next mission. Sunday is a relatively quiet day, so I took my hand at the wheel. I had some of the same butterflies that I did the first time I drove by myself when I learned to drive (I am also driving a stick shift--the same basic procedure I used when I learned to drive in our family station wagon with the shift on the column), but no one died and no one ran into the mirrors on the side of the truck (a common occurrence here). I think there were a few heads that turned to see a "Sister" driving a mission truck, but that's all part of the fun.

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  1. LOVE the truck that's labeled. I bet you loved that mom, you won't have to label it with your label maker! Again, thanks for the pics!

  2. Maybe I should put a label on my van that says FRAZZLED MOM.

  3. I think my van should be labeled: FRAZZLED MOM.