Thursday, December 29, 2011

Think Pink!

When we moved into our apartment in Freetown and began to settle in, I discovered that were only about six little containers to hold leftovers, most of them little Ziploc disposable ones that had seen better days. I was pining away for my Rubbermaid containers at home until I found the box you see below at the Freetown Market today. I bought them for myself as a late Christmas present, assuming that they had white lids like the picture on the box. Imagine my surprise to find these pretty pink lids on every container, all 25 of them. I love my pink containers--they make me happy. I think they will make Kate and Brynnley happy, too!
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  1. LOL! Love this post and love your containers! I bet you and dad had a great laugh when you opened the box.

  2. I just bought a whole bunch of Rubbermaid containers for my new house, with the red lids, of course, but I am really wishing I had pink ones. By the way, I love the fabric on that couch you are sitting on!