Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eleven (Make that Twelve) New Missionaries

This group is our largest since we came on our mission and we have been anxiously awaiting their arrival for several months.  New missionaries add such a spirit of dedication and enthusiasm to a mission and these are no exception.

There's lots of luggage with new missionaries and Elder Barth and Elder Appleby are always anxious to help.

President Roggia meets, greets and directs. 

Waiting to load luggage in the truck and bodies in the van.

Elder Arikpo and Elder Flament

Sister Roggia publishes a fabulous blog, mostly for the "mammas" at home who are anxiously awaiting news of their boys.  She always has a camera in her hand. 
We were disappointed to receive word on the day of arrival that Elder Penia got all the way to the airport and it was discovered that he did not have a Sierra Leone visa.  Our helpers in Ghana went to work and he was able to obtain a visa in time to fly to the mission four days later.  He was able to serve those four days in the Ghana Accra Mission.  We are so happy he has arrived so the group is complete.

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  1. Are you hoping for a big influx in missionaries since the announcement?