Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hill Station Branch Primary

This is the Hill Station Branch Primary gathered for Sharing Time.  There are 38 children in one tiny room.  A new chapel is being built for them, only the third chapel constructed here in Sierra Leone. The children know the gospel and are learning the Primary Songs.  They have a sweet childlike spirit about them.  At least one of the children says "Thank you, Auntie" after I finish teaching them each Sunday.
The two little ones on the mother's lap are twins.  She brought them in to the Primary so the children could sing Happy Birthday.  We sang and then I taught them "You've Had a Birthday" to sing as well.  After Primary, each child got a little bag of popcorn to take home as a birthday treat. When we finished singing she tied the little girl on her back with a cloth and she promptly fell asleep.  She carried the little boy in her arms.  The only strollers we see here are those used to push around things to sell.  The sister in the corner is signing the ledger they use for a Relief Society roll.

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  1. Wow, look how tiny that room is. It makes me grateful for our primary room. We had our primary program yesterday and it went beautifully! I would love to see these little African kids sing all those primary songs.