Friday, September 14, 2012

Sahr Doe

This is our good friend, Sahr Doe.  He has been working in Facilities Management here in the mission.  It is a huge job with responsibilities for all chapels and the mission home.  Recently he informed us that he has been trying to get a visa to go to America to go to BYU-Hawaii.  It is a challenging process and he has tried two other times, but this time he was successful! We wish him well in his new adventure, and congratulate him on his desire to grow and improve as a husband, father, and son of God.
Sahr has some of the flashiest clothes and shoes of anyone we've ever met. 
Sahr helped us look for an apartment for our humanitarian couple.  We were so grateful for his help! He has also been invaluable in negotiating with landlords for missionary apartments.  We will miss him in many ways!

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  1. Those shoes are pretty amazing. Good thing I don't have to wear them, I don't think I could walk in them. Just bought Gavin new shoes for school - size 14!
    Thanks for the posts. We love hearing and seeing what you are doing.