Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve with Basma and Nadia

We were invited by our landlord, Mohammed Basma, and his wife, Nadia to have dinner with them on Christmas Eve.  It was a lovely occasion.  Nadia cooked most of the day to prepare our food.  We had three different kinds of meat, including some whole fish, all of it prepared so well.  There were some Lebanese vegetables, some hummus and Lebanese flatbread as well.  We enjoyed some lovely pastries and ice cream for dessert.  Best of all, Basma, who is Lebanese, but who was born here in Sierra Leone, told us a lot about the history of Sierra Leone and some of the progress that is being made.  We discovered that he is a good resource for people to help us, such as a good mechanic to fix our cars.  He lives next door to us and has helped the Church find properties to rent for apartments and chapels for many years.  He is Muslim, but is a good "friend to the Church."

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