Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Sierra Leone

We decided to do something for Christmas in Sierra Leone that we could not do at home.  We decided to have a barbecue.  Elder Lauritzen offered to be our chef.  The Roggias had brought a barbecue grill with them and had only used it one other time, the Christmas after they arrived, so we asked to borrow it.  Elder Lauritzen filled it with the local charcoal that the locals cook on and it performed beautifully.
Hamburgers are not traditional Christmas dinner fare, but lots of things are different here in Sierra Leone, including that water tank you see in the background. 
Here is our happy group, including Sister Cathy Burns, Elder Ron Burns, Sister Marlene Lauritzen and Elder Mike Laurizen.  We had hamburgers, potato salad, deviled eggs, pasta salad and lemon bars, coconut cookies and ice cream for dessert.
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