Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Primary Day"

Sunday, 16 December, 2013 was what the members were calling “Primary Sunday.”  It is a tradition in the Freetown District (now Freetown Stake) to have all of the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentations on the same Sunday.  We have been serving for several weeks in the Belliar Park Branch (now Belliar Park Ward) and so I decided to try to attend all four sacrament meeting presentations.  We started at 8:30 with the Freetown Ward.  They had a simple program but it was beautiful.  Two young girls gave talks (probably at least 5 minutes each).  One of their Primary teachers spoke and then they had a group of about seven children sing two Christmas Primary songs.  At 10:30 we attended the Dwarzak Ward presentation and it was picture perfect.  I was so proud of Sister Pieh-Sharkeh.  She had asked me how to organize the program and I had shown her how to do it, but she had written it all herself and handed out all the parts.  Each child had about three speaking parts and the Primary as a whole sang six of the eight songs for the year.  Many of those songs they had learned just in the last six weeks because Sister Pieh-Sharkeh had not known before what the Children’s Sacrament Meeting presentation entails.  She has been a member less than a year.  She spoke at the end of the presentation in a well-prepared talk, praising the children and encouraging parents to teach their children the gospel.  Bishop Oneil closed the meeting with a wonderful address thanking the Primary leaders, but especially Sister Pieh-Sharkah. At 12:30 I attended the Belliar Park Ward Children’s sacrament meeting presentation.  There were about four children with parts to say, then two children with well-written talks prepared and then the children sang five songs.  It was well-done and I was so proud of Sister Charlie.  She gave a wonderful talk at the end highlighting many of the gospel principles she has taught the children this year in sharing time (she has taught the Valiant Class and taught Sharing Time and Singing Time all on her own this past year; she has a counselor who teaches the CTR class.) Bishop Sesay spoke at the end praising her and her counselor and saying that he has seen changes in his own daughter this past year and knows that the Primary leaders have played a big part in those changes.

Dwarzak Ward Primary before their Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation.
Dwarzak Ward Primary
Dwarzak Ward Primary Leaders
This girl and the one below both helped direct the music for Dwarzak Ward during the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation
Belliar Park Primary
Belliar Park Primary Leaders
Mt. Aureol Ward Primary
Mt. Aureol Ward Primary leaders

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